Brad St. James: Entertainer/Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist
Brad is a born & raised “native” of southern California.
A veteran of the 
Los Angeles music scene for more than 30 years. Although primarily coming from a rock
background, he has had extensive recording, touring and performing experience in a myriad of musical styles and genres. Has been involved on many levels with a number of national and international acts, as well as several of his own original bands and solo
songwriting projects.
Brad now devotes 100% of his time, talents and effort to the husband and wife entertainment duo, “JUSSTUSS.”
.... “Working exclusively with my wife, ( Susi Q ), gives me more pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment than anything I’ve ever done or been a part of. I know the only place for me to be, is by her side.”

Susi Q:
A “native” southern California girl herself, Susi Q grew up in Westchester, under the flight path of L.A.X., ( “I think all of those planes had an effect on me!” ). She met Brad while she was still in high school. Getting married and going on the road at 16, she began
an exciting journey with the love of her life.
After exploring different aspects of “behind the scenes” work with Brad’s various bands, as well as acting and modeling, Susi Q finally found her perfect role.... working with Brad as one half of the entertainment phenomenon known as “JUSSTUSS”.
Singing, performing and writing with Brad is the end result of many years of working together. But it’s just the beginning of the continuing love story that is their life.

If you want to fill in the blanks and get the whole story, check out the documentary film about their life when it comes out, and you’ll see the whole picture...
But for now, if you want to know how it ends...... well... the end is really the beginning you see....
Suffice it to say... “They lived happily ever after”!