“An Evening With JUSSTUSS: The Beat Goes On...
          a night of Peace, Love & Fun for Everyone!”...    

... Is a 60 minute* live show that stars the husband & wife singing duo of
Brad St. James & Susi Q, (a.k.a. the “New” Sonny & Cher).
Their show is a delightful, lighthearted romp through the “feel good” songs
of the 50's, 60’s & 70’s.... all delivered with their very own "neo-retro" style
 and sparkling, witty personality, to make this a show that defies comparison.
It’s not about what they’re like .... it’s about how good they make you feel!
After all... isn’t that what entertainment should do?
Their upbeat, positive message of "peace, love & fun for everyone" makes:
An Evening With JUSSTUSS: The Beat Goes On...
a “neo”- nostalgic hit for all ages!
They LOVE what they do ... and YOU'LL love it too!!!

* ...show can also be presented in 30, 45, or 90 minute format

what people are saying...

..."it was the BEST part of my day!"
... "they just make me feel good!"

... "delightful!"
... "Dynamic Duo ... that's for sure!" 
... "their show brings back SO many memories"
... "it's a joy!"
... "please come back soon!"....
... "on a scale of 1 to10...they're a    

… "they NEVER disappoint us!"
… "I love it when they come!" 
... "it feeds my soul!"
… "they were a breath of fresh air"
… "I haven't enjoyed anything this much in years!"
… "they sing the best songs…
....I just keep on singing even after they're done"

"Susi Q & Brad are my go-to "Good Time Show" 

When the request for a GREAT musical duo comes my way, I call JUSSTUSS!

 Check out the crowd at a Susi Q & Brad concert and you'll find smiles of pure happiness!" 

testimonial from:
CYNDI KAHN;Activities Coordinator
          The Village at Northridge



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